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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Max Aristid - Flight of the Bumble Bee (Music Video)

Max Aristid – Flight of the Bumble Bee

»Soundscape of Nature«: With his interpretation of »Flight of the Bumble Bee / Der Hummelflug«, electro-artist Max Aristid transforms the sound world of the insects into the »Soundscape of Nature«, an electro-production, based on sequences from the composition »Flight of the Bumble Bee« by Rimski Korsakow. The special thing about the composition are recorded bumble bee sounds, which form a sound carpet serving as the basic foundation of the composition. The humming noises of the insects produce an almost mystic mood, which underlines the threatening and the elemental power of nature.

In the video clip, nature is interpreted in an artistic way by means of abstract, finely wrought structures. An amorphous particle swarm moves to the oscillations of the bass impulses and opens up the visual counterpart to the »Soundscape of Nature«.

Thanks to: Bumble Bees

Max Aristid - Flight of the Bumble Bee by Dancewax Recordings

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